Production and Marketing


The Project Development Objective (PDO) is: “To increase production and consumption of micronutrient-rich foods and utilization of community-based nutrition services in smallholder households in project areas”.

To achieve the above objective, the Project will focus on implementing its interventions through activities categorized into three components with a number of sub-components.

The project is implemented by MAAIF, MOH, MEOS, MoLG, and OPM as a coordinating in 15 District Local governments and the committee visited Kyenjojo District on 20th December 2019 and reviewed all goals and future objectives of the UMFSNP.
The project is to increase production and consumption of micro-nutrient –rich foods and utilization of community – based nutrition services in smallholder households in project areas.

• GAPs has helped to improve the safety and quality of food and agricultural products
• Farmers and consumers benefit from marketing and improve their livelihoods and the national economy as a whole.
• Farmers increase in crop yield and manage their gardens better.
• Adherence to food quality and safely protects people’s health – an important factor in national development.
• Improved food security.
• Good information reporting and dissemination of data and information
• Compilation of information for Newsletter and Magazines of UMFSNP in Kyenjojo to keep on truck all project activities
• The school has enough tools and equipment to use as this project is concerned
• Learners are very happy because they eat once or twice a month
• Absenteeism has reduced
• Enrolment has increased
• Performance has been improved
• Parents have received micronutrient rich foods in their homes.
• The demo gardens have become learning center for learners, parents, teachers and the community.
• Parents put in a hand in parent led school garden.
• The school has become more friendly to the learner’s parents and community.

• Unpredictable rains and sunshine is a challenge especially before and after planting
• Pest and Diseases which are damaging crops
• With increased sensitization and adoption of good feed and agricultural practices multrunutrition will have reduced to 20% in the country with the vision 2020 and 2040