Vision & Mission

District Vision, Mission Strategic Objectives and Priorities.

District Vision: A Healthy, Productive and prosperous population.

District Mission: To achieve sustainable social economic development for the people of Kyenjojo in conformity with national and local priorities.

Our mission will be achieved through strict observation of the laws of Uganda; implementation of the National and District Council Policies and programs, enactment and implementation of Council Ordinances and regulations; drawing and implementation of action plans at all administrative levels.

District Goal: To efficiently and effectively provide quality services to the population of Kyenjojo District.

Kyenjojo District Council still continues to pursue the following major objectives.

Strategic Objectives
• To provide improved infrastructure facilities
• To improve academic standards in primary schools.
• To provide accessible health services to the people of the district.
• To ensure increased food security and household income levels in the district.
• To improve community mobilization and improve functional Adult Literacy services in the district.
• To protect and conserve natural resources for sustainable development in the district.
• To promote good governance in the district.
• To Promote Agriculture commercialization.
• To enhance and promote private sector development
• To intensify HIV/AIDS and home based care programmes.

Priority Areas for the District include the following:
The District shall prioritize the following services
• Education (primary) and sports
• Primary Health Care
• Production and Environmental Protection
• Works and Infrastructure
• Water and Sanitation
• Functional Adult Literacy
• Security and Disaster Management
• Vulnerable and the Special Interest Groups